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About afterglow

A few years ago, there was a new video player around, called SublimeVideo. It was a breeze to integrate, reliable, free to use and worked out of the box. Sadly, times change. Out of the blue, SublimeVideo has been bought by Dailymotion, all services have been discontinued on September 12th 2015.

We decided to create afterglow. Easy to integrate, free to use and this time, under our control. Or yours. Self-host it and be happy and independent.

Looking for more examples? You'll find some in the documentation.


HTML5 video player

afterglow will convert HTML5 video elements into fully functional video players.

Cross browser compatible

afterglow will work on all major browsers and devices. IE is supported down to IE9.

Fully responsive

The player interface is fully responsive and will fit into your design perfectly.

Automatic lightbox

afterglow can be launched in a lightbox with very little effort. Here's an example.

Youtube support

afterglow can play Youtube videos, just by providing its ID. Vimeo support is coming.

Resolution switching

afterglow provides a super easy way to serve your videos in SD and HD.

Drop-in replacement

afterglow can replace existing SublimeVideo players in a drop-in manner.

Help us creating afterglow!

The development of afterglow is mostly done in our free time, but there are some costs for servers, domains, software, coffee and so on.
If you want to support the project, you can do so. Thank you very much!

Buy me a beer (or a coffee)

afterglow is open source and will always be free to use.




This release fixes a minor bug where clicking the pause button would cause scrolling users to jump back to the paused video some time after having paused the video.

Why do you call it a 'beta' release?

All releases before v1.0 will be called 'beta' because we don't consider them feature complete. They should be stable enough for production use.

We do test afterglow in a lot of browsers and devices, but there may always be issues. If you encounter one, please tell us on github or in the forums.


This release introduces the newly created api method 'play()', which allows to play any video by its id. This works for both regular players and lightbox players. Obviously, lightboxes will be launched before playing the video.

Documentation on this feature can be found here:


This release is actually the real bugfix release that was planned with v0.3.6. Just two minor bugs.


This is a minor bugfix release.


This release fixes an issue with the subtitle button and the caption button on iPad.


This update fixes a bug with YouTube-Playback on iOS devices. Aditionally, vendor components were updated. Afterglow is now running on video.js v5.8.8


This release fixes two bugs:

  • YouTube Api is no longer loaded if it is not needed
  • Volume will no longer be touched by the scroll wheel, as this is a major UX issue when scrolling on a page.

This release hotfixes a bug that had sneaked in when updating to videojs 5.6. Again, this version should not bring any visible updates.


This release brings an update to videojs 5.6, which will be the base for future changes. The update should not cause any visible changes.


With this release, afterglow takes a huge step towards v1.0 and a stable life. The entire release was about refactoring the entire project. The core functionality is now completely based upon ES6 classes and fully unit tested. Also, afterglow does now build upon video.js v5.0.2.


  • There now is a dark and a light skin, both based on afterglow's default skin.
  • Afterglow has completely been rebuilt. It does now consist of ES6 classes and is fully unit tested.


  • afterglow is now running on video.js v5.0.2. This is a big step on our way to a stable 1.0 release! Thanks to the team behind video.js!
  • We got rid of the $dom dependency. From the start, we wanted afterglow to rely on as few dependencies as possible, so we do now use pure Javascript solutions.
  • When clicking the playbutton, afterglow will now stop all other players on the same page.

In some edge cases, non-absolute urls caused problems with HD first, this should be fixed with this release.


This release brings resolution switching for local video sources and the newly created player parameter data-volume.

Read more about the new features in the documentation.


This release fixes a bug with Youtube videos in lightbox players on Android.


This release fixes an issue which could appear when playing Youtube videos on IE/Firefox.


Minor bugfix release containing an update to video.js 5.0.0-rc81. This removes the webkitMovement warnings in the console log.


This is the first release of afterglow. It is currently in beta, but it should be quite stable. Please tell us if you encounter any issues.



CHANGE OF PLANS! Version 1.0 will bring basic support for Vimeo, some other changes and a better website.

With version 1.0 as our primary target, we want to get rid of the "beta" label. afterglow is stable and in everyday use, so let's call it final. And let's give it a feature complete website.


These are the features that are currently on our list for the following versions:

  • Vimeo support (v1.0)
  • Branding via colors (v1.0)
  • Integration wizard (v1.0)
  • Better website (v1.0)
  • Custom logo (v1.x)
  • Sharing-Buttons (v1.x)
  • Embedding functionality (Hopefully v1.x)
  • Rethink the entire concept (v2.0)


afterglow relies on scripts provided by many great people.

Our resolution switching component is based on videojs-resolutions published under the Apache License 2.0.

Thanks for your great work, guys!

Website template

The website template which we used to create this site is called "Bukku". The website of it's creators isn't online any more, but thanks anyways.

Thank you!


We want to thank the people at browserstack who provide us with a free account for browser testing.

The afterglow documentation would not be that cool without, who also sponsor the project with a free account.


Finally, a big thank you to the team behind jsDelivr for hosting afterglow reliably.