afterglow is a super easy to integrate HTML5 video player. It comes loaded with features without forcing you to use any of them. It's self-integrating, configurable, open source and well documented.

Integration is super easy: Just link the script and all HTML5 video elements with class 'afterglow' will be initialized. Read more.

HTML5 video player

afterglow will convert HTML5 video elements into fully functional video players.

Cross browser compatible

afterglow will work on all major browsers and devices. IE is supported down to IE9.

Fully responsive

The player interface is fully responsive by default and will fit into your design perfectly.

Automatic lightbox

afterglow can be launched in a lightbox with very little effort. Here's an example.

Youtube & Vimeo

afterglow can play videos hosted on Youtube and Vimeo, just by providing its ID.

Resolution switching

afterglow provides a super easy way to serve your videos in SD and HD.

Drop-in replacement

afterglow can replace existing SublimeVideo players in a drop-in manner.

There is no pricing

afterglow is and will always be free to use. It's an open source project and you can use it without any limitations for whatever you want.
Although afterglow is free, we appreciate donations. Here is our donation policy.
Private project (you don't get money)

Leave a tweet about afterglow, a like on Facebook or a star on Github.
You must sponsor a coffee if you're rich or sexy.

Non private project (you get money)

Please consider supporting the project with a small donation.